SHAVA, A FOREIGN SLAVEBOY at a Roman military garrison, is kept ignorant of his most important identity while his enslaved mother, Marona, is plotting for their return to her homeland, to her royal past—and to the boy’s prophesied destiny of heroic leadership. When her plans fail, a priestly man cloaked in mystery seeks to steer her in a different and deadly direction.
Meanwhile her Roman master—General Tundus—wrestles with a conniving new Emperor for control of Rome’s lasting legacy and future world mission. Forced into exile by this man who secretly murdered the previous Emperor, Tundus activates a disguised and dangerous plan to reassert Roman aggression in Parthia. But that scheme is threatened when a supposed ally is poised—for his own ends—to unveil every hidden aspect of the plan to the new Emperor, thus ensuring Tundus’s death.
  • Can a man of vision preserve his quest to save his nation from the doom he foresees?
  • Can a grieving mother find courage to exact revenge for her family’s destruction?
  • Can Roman soldiers take the place of lost parents in a boy’s life?

Elements COMING SOON on these pages:

→ a Chapter-by-Chapter Author’s Commentary  that discusses historical background of each of the three books in The Shava Saga, as well as their creative factors

→  FAQ, discussing especially larger historical questions

→ an “Inspiration and Influences” section that looks at works of literature, music, and art that have influenced the flavor and heart of The Shava Saga

→  Acknowledgmentsplus a Bibliography relating especially to historical research behind these stories


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