List of Characters

…in One Day a Warrior,  Book 1 of THE SHAVA SAGA:


Shava, cavalry commander

Aysere (Marona), his wife

Shava, their son

Arbanik, Aysere’s father, counselor to Parthia’s king

Strighon, captain over Parthia’s spies

Surena, ancient Parthian military hero, ancestor of Artabanik and Aysere

In the Roman Legions:

Tundus, general and commander

Tanica, Tundus’s wife

Remmius Rugo, Tundus’s aide

Kallion, Tundus’s aide

Lucius Bolus, Tundus’s aide

Falco, general

Palma, general

Quietus, general

In Rome:

Narro, Praetorian guard

In Antioch of Syria:

Trajan, Emperor of Rome

Hadrian, Roman governor of Syria

Galabrio, merchant

Attianus, Praetorian guard

Cavendus, official in Hadrian’s court

Fortua, widow of General Tundus’s brother

In Ampelon, southeast Syria:

Dyra, slavewoman

Eubulus, leathersmith

Onara, wife of Eubulus

Ziza Zatizon, metalsmith and Mithra priest