SHAVA HAS STEPPED INTO MANHOOD just as his boyhood dreams come crashing down. Then worse tragedy strikes—forcing him into a rushed journey toward faraway Parthia, which he only lately has discovered to be his birthplace.
It’s also a troubled land waiting for a promised deliverer—but Shava is reluctant to embrace a strange prophecy from long ago that makes him  that exalted figure to rescue his true countrymen.
Shava finds Parthia’s empire torn by civil war. Through wild circumstances, his physical prowess opens his way into the inner circles of both sides. He ultimately battles each side, while his gift of faith pushes him toward sacrificial love for the woman he must have for his wife, as well as for a close friend who shows himself a traitor.
  • How long can a young man survive in a land where he’s wanted dead by every significant person or group possessing power?
  • Can love thrive for a young woman and man who must daily expect death?
  • Can faith survive when life brings only disaster?

Elements COMING SOON on these pages:

→ a Chapter-by-Chapter Author’s Commentary  that discusses historical background of each of the three books in The Shava Saga, as well as their creative factors

→  FAQ, discussing especially larger historical questions

→ an “Inspiration and Influences” section that looks at works of literature, music, and art that have influenced the flavor and heart of The Shava Saga

→  Acknowledgments, plus a Bibliography relating especially to historical research behind these stories


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