YOUNG SLAVEBOY SHAVA wants only to become Rome’s man and Rome’s soldier—the sooner the better. He’s unaware of being surrounded by people with secret and all-consuming claims on his life—either for a glorious future he’s never imagined, or to sacrifice his future for their own twisted purposes.
For Marona—the mother who’s unknown to Shava—conflict is constant
with her master, Rome’s General Tundus. As her hopes die for escaping
the general’s oppression, a way finally opens to seal that man’s death.
Meanwhile Tundus, thanks to unintended help from Marona, encounters a breakthrough for pushing to completion his long-pursued plan for a surprise strike against Parthia, which he’s convinced will restore Rome to its divinely appointed mission of seeking world governance and world peace. But a secret maneuver meant to clinch the Emperor’s approval for the plan  looks certain instead to destroy it.
  • Can a woman find love in a world she’s come to hate?
  • Can a boy recover his dream when his heroes fail?
  • What cost is too high when a visionary leader pursues his dream?

Elements COMING SOON on these pages:

→ a Chapter-by-Chapter Author’s Commentary  that discusses historical background of each of the three books in The Shava Saga, as well as their creative factors

→  FAQ, discussing especially larger historical questions

→ an “Inspiration and Influences” section that looks at works of literature, music, and art that have influenced the flavor and heart of The Shava Saga

→  Acknowledgments, plus a Bibliography relating especially to historical research behind these stories

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