to be published by Harvest House in 2017-2018

2C--black wash of Horatii Brothers--J-L David (3)--Paint1

◙     One Day a Warrior
releasing: Spring 2017
(click here to see the cover
& a brief story summary)

◙ ◙     A Thousand May Fall
(releasing: Fall 2017…)

◙ ◙ ◙     The Sound of Seven Thunders
(releasing: Spring 2018…)


 ◙  ◙  ◙
 Stories on the grandest scale…with characters and themes to match…
Roman Ruins, Palmyra,-Syria--cropped for strong horizontal
 ◙  ◙  ◙
E P I C S   O F   E N D A N G E R M E N T
 ◙  ◙  ◙

“Take new courage, allow no fear;
one day we may find it pleasant to look back
and remember this affliction.
Through untold dangers, countless twists,
our path still leads onward.”

—Virgil, Aeneid, I

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* Soldier illustration above by French painter Jacques-Louis David—
a pencil study 
for a portion of his masterpiece “The Oath of the Horatii”


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